Ángel Casas Pescador


Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.

Isaac Asimov

It's in the same spirit as that of Isaac Asimov that I want to show my process of learning, for I strongly believe in the power of aiming at the highest possible valuable goal you can concieve of and consistently producing small incremental steps towards the attainment of that goal.

With this frame of mind in place, writting a blog and sharing my ideas with anyone who happens to find my works helps push me forward towards the attainment of my goals, partly because in writting down my ideas I can get a clearer understanding of my flaws and maybe my audience can help me correct any mistakes I may blindly fall into.

On that account I have been lucky enough to have found the intellectual mountains I plan to conquer in my lifetime, and just in the same way as a farmer sows the seeds in the ground and enters into a living relationship with the growing plant for years to come, I long for this relationship I began a few years ago with the fields of Computer Science, Economics and the study of mathematics, a relationship which fills me with a sense of fullfilment and deepens my understanding of the world around me.

Having lived most of my young life around nature, I have learned to appreciate her beauty and have carefully began to develop a sense of awareness for the secrets and misteries she hides from the unaware, as such I decided to introduce in this blog a section dedicated exclusively to the beauty of nature.

Books show us how ignorant we where before we opened their covers, so in an effort to open up as many minds and elevate as many spirits as I can, I keep a section dedicated to them with a few lines to summarise it's value and a personal, subjective comment on why it deserves your attention.

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